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  • The bushings on the car are mainly installed in the chassis part, because there are various suspensions and control arms under the chassis, and these parts are connected by rotating shafts. In order to reduce the mutual wear between the parts, the suspension system of the car All use a large number of bushings to connect.


  • Everyone knows that the car balance bar is one of the important parts of the vehicle suspension system. It can balance the roll of the vehicle when turning and improve the driving stability of the vehicle.


  • The function of the engine mounting on the car is the same as that of the heart on the human body. It is the core of the car. The life of the engine directly affects the service life of the car. The engine is also composed of many accessories, and the bracket is very important on the engine. accessories, so what is the impact of the broken engine bracket?


  • When the car turns and passes the bumpy road, the stabilizer bush is subjected to large extrusion and torsion force, which requires the production of the stabilizer bush material must have high tensile strength, low friction coefficient, good aging resistance, good resilience and friction resistance.


  • The stabilizer bush is an important flexible component in the installation of the stabilizer bar. Its structure type and function have different effects on the performance and cost of the stabilizer bar assembly.


  • A hundred years ago cars didn't have engine mounting. People directly calculate the location, put the engine on the chassis, bolted up, simple and lightweight, but also cost savings.