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  • Engine mounting is a critical component of any vehicle. It is responsible for holding the engine in place and dampening the vibrations and shocks caused by the engine's operation. This not only ensures smooth and comfortable driving but also prolongs the life of the engine and other vehicle components.


  • Shock absorber installation is an important part of the vehicle suspension system. Shock absorbers are responsible for reducing the effects of bumps and vibrations, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The mounting system secures the shock absorber to the frame and ensures it works properly.


  • The principle of spring buffer structure is to use the elastic deformation of spring to absorb the impact and vibration force in mechanical movement, so as to reduce the collision and wear between Machine element and extend the service life of mechanical equipment.


  • The function of the stabilizer bar link is to prevent excessive lateral roll of the vehicle during cornering, prevent the vehicle from tipping over and improve ride comfort. The stabilizer bar link, also known as the lateral stabilizer bar, is an auxiliary elastic component in car suspension.


  • The bushings on the car are mainly installed in the chassis part, because there are various suspensions and control arms under the chassis, and these parts are connected by rotating shafts. In order to reduce the mutual wear between the parts, the suspension system of the car All use a large number of bushings to connect.