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The introduction of stabilizer bush

The stabilizer bush is an important flexible component in the installation of the stabilizer bar. Its structure type and function have different effects on the performance and cost of the stabilizer bar assembly.
In order to reduce the inherent vibration evaluation rate of the vehicle and improve the ride comfort. The vertical stiffness of modern car suspension is designed to be low, which means that the roll Angle stiffness value of the car is also low. As a result, when the car is turning, a large body roll Angle is generated, which affects the driving stability. In order to overcome this shortcoming, the lateral stabilizer bar is often used to improve the tilt Angle stiffness of the suspension, or adjust the ratio of the roll Angle stiffness of the front and rear suspension to ensure that the car has good driving stability. The stabilizer bar is mainly composed of a stabilizer bar body and a bushing.
stabilizer bush