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The function and influence of opening glue

January 20, 2024

Everyone knows that the car balance bar is one of the important parts of the vehicle suspension system. It can balance the roll of the vehicle when turning and improve the driving stability of the vehicle.
There is usually a rubber sleeve buffer at the joint of the balance bar. Usually, this part is called the balance bar rubber sleeve, that is, the opening rubber.
The role of the opening glue is to fix the balance bar and buffer the pressure of the balance bar. Damage to the opening rubber will affect the driving stability of the car, such as front wheel deviation and longer braking distance. When the balance rubber sleeve is broken, the tire patterns on both sides will be different or the tread pattern will be different in depth and height; there will also be unequal tire pressure on both sides, the tire pressure will make the tire bigger, and it will inevitably run off when rolling. . At the same time, when the rubber sleeve is damaged or hardened, it will also cause abnormal noises such as "clicking" or "creaking" of the chassis.
The abnormal noise of the chassis really affects the driving experience, and it sounds annoying. I believe many car owners have had this experience.
The opening glue (connected to the balance bar) needs to be replaced regularly, and many people will ignore this. As for how often to change, it depends on the condition of your own car.
Open rubber, as a rubber part, is bound to suffer wear and tear. Over time, aging and damage will come naturally. Regular inspection and regular replacement will make driving safer.
The main manifestation of the damage is abnormal noise of the chassis. For example, when the car makes a loud noise when passing a pit, it is necessary to check whether the opening rubber is damaged. When the temperature is low in winter, the rubber will harden and cause abnormal noise.
No matter what brand of car it is, the chassis will produce various abnormal noises when passing speed bumps and accelerating after driving for a long time. If the faults of abnormal chassis noises are not checked in time, the driving quality will be greatly reduced, and driving safety will be affected.
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