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  • Engine mounting is a critical component of any vehicle. It is responsible for holding the engine in place and dampening the vibrations and shocks caused by the engine's operation. This not only ensures smooth and comfortable driving but also prolongs the life of the engine and other vehicle components.


  • Shock absorber installation is an important part of the vehicle suspension system. Shock absorbers are responsible for reducing the effects of bumps and vibrations, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The mounting system secures the shock absorber to the frame and ensures it works properly.


  • We usually cannot see the car chassis, and some chassis parts are damaged and cannot be promptly informed. Some seemingly insignificant chassis components are related to our driving safety, including the half axle dust boot.


  • Do you know the reason why fuel consumption increases as you drive? Why do others only need 6-7 liters of fuel when driving the same car, while you need 7-8 liters or even 9 liters of fuel? Many car owners attribute the increase in fuel consumption to the natural aging of the vehicle, but in fact, many are caused by overlooked details during the maintenance and use of the vehicle.


  • The reason why the ignition coil always burns out The ignition coil is one of the key components of the engine ignition device, providing sufficient energy for the spark plug to generate sufficient electric sparks and improve engine performance. The ignition coil is mainly composed of primary coil, secondary wire fixing, and iron core.


  • Summer Car Usage TipsSummer is coming soon The use of cars in summer has also become crucial There are many small details that need special attention when using the car China and Japan have carefully organized some tips on summer car use Help car owners bid farewell to hidden dangers and travel safely