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​What is the purpose of a bushing?

January 20, 2024

In addition to reducing wear and easy replacement, the biggest function of automobile bushings is that they also have a certain shock absorption function. We all know that the driving vibration filtering performance of a vehicle has a great impact on comfort. Among them, the softness and hardness of suspension springs have the greatest impact on vehicle comfort, but in fact, car suspension bushings also have a certain relationship with vehicle comfort. In fact, most automobile suspension bushings are made of die-cast steel rings and rubber. The hard metal outer shell is used to limit the bushings to prevent them from being crushed. The rubber inside can deform when subjected to external force, thus Play the role of absorbing shock.



Generally, the upper and lower control arms of automobile shock absorbers are connected by bushings. When the vehicle passes through bumpy roads, high-frequency vibrations will be generated. In addition to the shock absorbers and tires that can absorb the vibrations, various suspension bushings can also absorb part of it. Vibrations are prevented from being transmitted into the cockpit as much as possible, thereby improving the comfort performance of the vehicle.

In addition, some models also have bushings installed at the lower end of the shock absorbers, which can achieve better shock filtering performance. At the same time, when encountering bumpy roads, the tires are under pressure and the shock absorbers need to be compressed because the suspension and damping A soft connection is also used in the middle of the vibrator, so there will be no sound of impact between metal and metal, and the noise will be relatively smaller, turning into a deeper "bang bang" sound.

However, with the upgrade of shock absorber technology, hydraulic shock absorbers are now becoming more and more popular. Compared with traditional shock absorbers, the biggest improvement of hydraulic shock absorbers is that they break the softness of transmission shock absorbers that rely on rubber bushings. To adjust the vibration filtering performance, the hydraulic shock absorber can control the flow of oil through the internal structure, thereby increasing the damping effect to achieve better vibration filtering performance.

At the same time, the advanced hydraulic shock absorbers can also adjust preload, compression and rebound damping to achieve the best vibration filtering performance of the vehicle. However, it should be noted that because the suspension bushings are exposed and exposed to water accumulation and temperature changes all year round, as well as corrosion from other oil drippings and snow melting agents, the suspension bushings will age after a certain mileage of use. , cracking phenomenon, resulting in reduced vibration filtering performance. At the same time, as the gap between the bushings becomes larger, the amount of movement of the suspension will increase, which will affect the vehicle's handling, causing the vehicle to deviate when driving at high speeds.

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